atribuciones patron de yate

What are the powers of a skipper or yacht captain?

The yacht skipper or captain is a very important title that offers many benefits, such as to govern many types of boats and to have access to navigate on the coast for long distances (up to 150 miles). However, to hold this title, you must meet certain requirements: pass an exam, hold the title of…

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tipos de yates

What are the types of yachts that exist?

The yacht is a type of maritime vehicle considered as a recreational vessel or boat, which has an independent means of propulsion, in addition to a hull with specific measures. Basically, a yacht is used for different purposes: for leisure, water sports or for profit. Everything will depend on the use the owner wishes to…

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cuanto gana un patron de yate

How much does a yacht skipper earn in Spain?

If you are interested in knowing how much a yacht skipper in Spain can earn, you have come to the right place, where you will learn all the aspects about this amazing job. Although, in order to be a yacht skipper in Spain, it will be necessary to be up to date with the regulations…

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cuanto cuesta mantener un yate

How much does it cost to maintain a yacht?

If you are thinking of buying a yacht, and you are curious about how much it costs to maintain a yacht, you have come to the right place, because yachts generate a fixed cost and it is necessary to know it in order to take the necessary measures. Although the cost of maintaining a yacht…

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What is a GNSS equipment and what is it for

What is a GNSS satellite Navigation GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) or SSNG (Global navigation satellite system) equipment are the acronyms that are used to group the different systems of navigation satellite providing global coverage a positioning geospatial in an autonomous manner. This concept brings together different systems such as GPS, Glonass, Galileo and Compass…

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Checks before starting up a boat

CHECKS BEFORE STARTING UP A BOAT -Must be checked that anything that hinders the movement of various parts of the engine there is. -Check the level of fuel in the tank supply purging it of water that could contain, priming the circuit. -Will check the oil lubricant, filling if necessary. -Shortly before starting, will be…

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The nautical needle: description and installation

In this short summary we will try to explain what is the nautical neddle in a boat: NAUTICAL NEEDLE 1. Description: A magnetic needle which tends to indicate the same magnetic direction and permanently maintain it. It is basically made up of a series of magnets placed at the bottom of a light disc (pink),…

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