-Must be checked that anything that hinders the movement of various parts of the engine there is.

-Check the level of fuel in the tank supply purging it of water that could contain, priming the circuit.

-Will check the oil lubricant, filling if necessary.

-Shortly before starting, will be controlled oil pump until the pressure gauge shows pressure.

-Check the level of the water in the cooling system if the system is closed. In an open circuit, if pump auxiliary water, it will start before starting the engine checking pressures of pressure gauges, by opening faucets purge in the higher parts of the circuit will release the air that could be , until a steady stream of water.

All ordinary oilers will both fill if they are oil and grease, also lubricate all necessary parts lacking with forced lubrication.

-Check the level of the electrolyte in the battery, adding distilled water if necessary.


*****First of all a perfect knowledge of the circuits of oil, fuel and water and the possible combinations that can be made in each of them, as well as data for its regulation, pressures and normal operating temperatures and others will need instructions that the manufacturer, which may be very different from an engine gives to another and that, therefore, no can review is in a general rule.