• Sending data through the information forms is a mere non-binding consultation for GLOBALYACHTINGIBIZA.COM. All the information provided by the client through the information forms must be unequivocal. For these purposes, it guarantees the authenticity of all the data that it communicates for the formulation of the pre-reservation with GLOBALYACHTINGIBIZA.COM The data provided will not be used by third parties and will be protected as stipulated in the DATA PROTECTION LAW.
• In case of supplying incorrect/incomplete/erroneous information in the automatic payment system, the company does not guarantee the provision of the service and reserves the right of admission.
• Reservation requests in the automatic payment system sent by the user will not be considered an effective reservation until the confirmation response by email or telephone from GLOBALYACHTINGIBIZA.COM
• To confirm the reservation in the automatic payment system, an advance deposit corresponding to 50% of the total charter will be required. The client will have a period of 3 days from the confirmation of the reservation that GLOBALYACHTINGIBIZA will send by email with all the necessary information to make the payment, as long as the day of the charter departure never passes. The rest of the charter price will be paid before boarding and following what is established with the charter company.
• The information we display in the automatic payment system is based on data provided to us by service providers and brokers. They are the ones who are fully responsible for updating the rates, availability, extras and conditions and other information that appears on GLOBALYACHTINGIBIZA.COM.
GLOBALYACHTINGIBIZA reserves the right to modify and update any information displayed on this website (both descriptive and referring to rates and availability) and in the automatic payment system. Likewise, it is not responsible for errors (including patent and typographical errors), interruptions due to temporary and/or partial failures of the server or maintenance of our website, or in any other way, inaccurate, misleading or false information.


• Form of payment by transfer, payment gateway and cash (up to the maximum established by law).
• To formalize the reservation, it will be necessary to pay 50% of the total charter, after receiving the confirmation email, by means of a bank transfer to the account that we will send you in the same confirmation email. The rest of the rental price will be paid before boarding or as established with the charter company.
• The deposit will be made by bank transfer at the time of formalizing the contract with the charter company and will be returned at the end of the rental after deducting the possible damage caused or the consumption made that has not been replaced. (applicable in case of deposit).
• 100% of the total charter must be paid at the time of service provision.
• At the end of the charter, the client must pay everything NOT included in the service, such as extra expenses, fuel, provisions, damage caused by improper use and other charges. Expenses derived from stays outside the port are borne by the client.


• The prices shown on GLOBALYACHTINGIBIZA.COM are information provided by the service providers and include all taxes in the price. The rental price does not include depending on what services, such as meals, moorings outside the base port, etc. All boats are provided with mandatory all-risk insurance and permission to carry out this type of activity.
• Unless otherwise indicated by the charter company, the rental prices include mooring, electricity and water in the Base Port, all the complete equipment according to the ship’s inventory and full fuel tanks that will have to be returned from the same way or it will be deducted from the deposit / will be paid upon arrival when applicable.
GLOBALYACHTINGIBIZA is not responsible for claims for cancellations or disputes arising from the rental of the boat between the client and the owner once the rental contract that is communicated in the booking confirmation has been accepted. Therefore, said claims will be dealt with by the owners/clients, depending on the cause of the dispute. In this sense, GLOBALYACHTINGIBIZA is recognized as a third party in the legal relationship of the lease and exempt from any claim on the contracted service.
GLOBALYACHTINGIBIZA is not responsible for claims for cancellations or disputes arising from the lease of the boat between the client and sub-tenants/brokers once the lease agreement has been accepted.