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Renting a yacht for days or weeks is a growing trend among people who decide to spend their vacations in the beautiful Balearic Islands. This is because the boats allow them to relax in very comfortable and beautiful facilities, while contemplating a unique landscape.

In addition, if you have the corresponding license and experience, you can rent a vessel to sail it yourself through the stunning turquoise waters so characteristic of this region of Spain.

If you are thinking of renting a yacht for a day, several days, a weekend or weeks, you are definitely in the right place because in Global Yachting Ibiza we offer you a luxury fleet for you to spend unforgettable moments with your friends, family or partner.

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Is it better to charter a yacht by the day or by the week?

There are many people who have this doubt. The reality is that it is a very personal decision, since it will depend on the amount of vacation days you have, the budget you have and what you want to do. What you should be clear about is that you will not be bored at all because you can do several things.

Relax completely watching the sea and the mountains, stroll through the most beautiful places of the Balearic Islands, do some water sport, have a drink while you contemplate stunning sunsets, drive the boat (if you have the license, of course), have a party… In short, you can do various activities on board.

What can you do in a day on a yacht?

If you charter the yacht for one day, you can make all kinds of plans, probably in less time than in case of chartering it for one or more weeks. We advise you to be on the boat as early as possible to enjoy it from the morning.

If you have never been around the region, you can ask the professional to take you to the most beautiful places in the Balearic Islands where you are vacationing. Doing a water sport is another excellent plan to do before leaving the ship.

Finally, we recommend you, under no circumstances, to finish the tour without watching the sunset because they are simply unique.

What can you do in a week on a yacht?

Logically, chartering the yacht for a week will give you the possibility to do many more things. From our perspective, we recommend you to visit in depth the island where you are on vacation (either Ibiza, Mallorca, Cabrera, Menorca or Formentera).

Also, having more days to enjoy on board the ship, you can visit some of the islands that are closer to you.

You can establish a routine with several activities to do each day. You can choose to do water sports, go to the beach, go to a party, go looking for friends or family to spend the day with you, swim in the turquoise waters… In short, there are plenty of options.

In short, no matter how many days you want to spend aboard the boat, it is clear that there are many things you can do on our luxury yachts. 

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