Yacht charter with or without skipper Ibiza

When chartering a yacht, many people wonder whether to do it with or without skipper, especially those who have the license and experience to take charge of the boat and feel that, perhaps, they do not need it.

To help you make the right decision, we are going to analyze what are the advantages for each case:

Advantages of skippered yacht charter

Renting a yacht with skipper is recommended if you do not feel confident to take charge of the helm or it is one of the first times you are going to sail a boat. You will be much more relaxed, since you will not have to be aware of the state of the boat, take the helm at night or take care of the route, aspects that make many people nervous.

If you have the corresponding license, you will surely be able to take charge of the vessel under the supervision of the skipper, who can also help you to improve your driving skills.

In short, the main advantage of renting a yacht with skipper is that you will have someone experienced by your side, so it is ideal if you are looking to take a few days of vacation without having to worry about the helm or the route you are traveling.

Advantages of bareboat yacht charter

If you choose to rent the yacht without a skipper you will have a much more intimate experience, since the person will not be on board with you during the trip. Consequently, you will be able to go wherever you want.

Of course, for that you must have the corresponding license and experience to be able to take the helm of a boat of these characteristics, a requirement that all companies that rent vessels request.

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Am I fit to be at the helm of a yacht?

Many people who have the necessary license and experience have doubts about whether or not they are fit to be at the helm of a yacht. And it is logical that they have this indecision because handling a boat of these characteristics is not easy at all.

If you feel that you are capable and have full confidence in your abilities, go ahead and rent a boat without a driver. Our advice is to try smaller distances and, little by little, extend your trip.

If, on the other hand, you think you are still not ready to take charge of the boat, it is advisable to rent the yacht with a skipper and continue learning until you think you are ready to take the helm.

Take advantage of the professional that you are going to have next to you during the whole navigation in the waters of Ibiza to ask for advice to improve in the future.

Rent the yacht with or without skipper!

Regardless of whether you want to rent the yacht with or without skipper, in Global Yachting Ibiza you will find the ideal boat for your adventure in the Mediterranean Sea. We offer our clients a luxury fleet, including yachts, superyachts and megayachts, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

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