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“The sun neither rises nor sets”

Modern societies have lost the bond with the universe, but astronomy is still present in our lives than we think.

Whenever we give a day, actually, we’re talking about planets. In the vocabulary of everyday life remain words and expressions that come from a time in which the firmament determined the life of the people, when each person had an astronomer inside.

Businessmen are not unique to our time.

This is the story of an individual who lived thousands of years ago. It was a very strict entrepreneur times, although it had no clock.

Encounters with other traders took place when the sun was high above the horizon. I knew that at that moment the daylight hours remaining were the same that had passed. It was the Ecuator of the day, midday. And so he organized his schedule, always facing the sun. At present, however, the word midday has lost all its value. For us it is at midday but which marks the sun is at two-thirty. A gesture that dishonors our hero and many others before him, failed to recognize cycles in heaven.

We are descendants of astronomers because there was a stage in which to survive had to watch the stars. They could know when the cold and heat coming or what was the best time to hunt or fish.

In the period of history in which he lived to this entrepreneur I thought the Earth was quiet, which was the center of the universe and the rest of stars, including the sun revolved around it. This justified the star emerged in the sky at one point they called “exit” and that too, then disappear, “start”. We’re still using these expressions. And that we know perfectly well that our planet is orbiting the star and, therefore, not going anywhere. Galicia is commissioning dawn in Japan. In Latin, the decline means and concealment occurs when the sun moves from the visible hemisphere to not visible; ie is an optical illusion.

And keep in mind; sunlight takes 8 minutes to reach Earth and when we see the sun disappear, really is not there. Every time we see the sun, we are seeing how it was 8 minutes ago.

Our protagonist was a big fan of the night sky. He had checked the stars and knew where their gods were.

If you look at the stars tonight, your head pointing in the place of every 4,000 you can see with the naked eye and do it again the same day, at the same time for the rest of your life; you will see that the starry sky is the same, except for a few rebels. For our ancestors in that sky there were a globetrotting stars who wanted to excel over others, unaware they were planets. In Greek the word “planet” means vagabond star.

So much so; which gave great importance and came to classify these nomads stars.

Friends, here are the days of the week:


Tuesday – Mars


Thursday- Jupiter





Would you follow me?

You know where to find me.

Note: I want to thank every one of the people who try to teach their knowledge to all who are willing to learn.



Exclusive esses loved ones who have been part of my life and dedication  They are not here today. Each of them I learned what the nobility, courage, perseverance and effort.  I have this every day of my life; you were great examples, hopefully came to own a quarter of those qualities so beautiful.