The boat rental in Ibiza is undoubtedly the most exciting version of the different options charter in our crystal clear waters. The possibility of patronear self (is needed to prove the relevant qualifications by boat) it provides an incredible feeling of freedom, the experience of discovering new places, coves, or simply enjoy the only company in the sea and the breeze.

Boat rental in Ibiza has many aspects that stand out regarding the rental of boats of greater length. While they are more limited in terms of comfort or refer seaworthiness, the rest are all advantages.

The first and most obvious of its virtues is that your rent is much cheaper than Jan the case of renting a Power Boat or yacht. A smaller size makes them easier to understand and control (basic boat without skipper for rent). They are fast, with moderate consumption and maneuver easily, so allow power to go saturating several beaches, coves throughout the day. Besides its lowest depth they allow them to access places more removed (yes, one of the main incidents in renting boat in Ibiza without skipper is trusted or not paying enough attention to draft and end up damaging the propellers, or worse the tails or transmissions, so be very careful with this factor!).

If you have any doubt which could be adapted more to their expectations, we welcome you to contact us and we will guide you with ease and without compromise, either by mail or by phone as you would be more comfortable.