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Global Yachting Ibiza

Our multi-rental programs allow you to enjoy all the splendor of your stay in Ibiza. We provide you with a villa to feel what it is like to live in Ibiza, a car so that you can explore its landscapes and a boat so that you can enjoy with whom you want the wonderful coasts and coves of the Mediterranean Sea.

We have four different options with multiple combinations. Ask us for more info and we will show you the options that best suit you and your tastes, come and enjoy Ibiza and feel it.

Ibiza Experience


We offer the client different levels and options of villas, cars and boats.
You can choose the one that best suits your travel plan.

1 WEEK of HOME + CAR and 1 DAY of BOAT

# 1 Program
From 3.230 € to 3.650 € / Week
# 2 Program
From 6.050 € to 9.650 € / Week
# 3 Program
From 12.290 € to 39.300 € / Week
# 4 Program
From 55.700 € to 108.410 € / Week


Ibiza Experience Broker

Marina Botafoch – Local 27
07800 IBIZA (Spain)

T.: +34 692 282 856